Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Cupcake Marathon

Today I made over 100 cupcakes!  My feet are sore but I still feel great! After taste-testing quite a few being surrounded by cupcakes all day, I know what I'll pass on at dinner tomorrow.  At least they were not the regular sized-ones:) Actually, most of the feedback I get usually has to do with the size.  This is one instance where bigger is not always better.  I personally also like the mini cupcakes because I feel a lot a little less guilty.
Red Velvet, Cookies n Cream, and Caramel

These are most of the cupcakes I made.


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  1. As someone who had the pleasure of eating these: the caramel & cookies n cream, all I have to say Dee-lish. I am a fan of the cookies n cream.