Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cupcake Display

I'm pretty pleased with my cakes and frosting but I'm looking for a little more oomph in my presentations.  Food is also a form of artistic expression but I don't like food that has been overly manipulated and handled.  Sometimes I see these beautiful cakes on Cake Boss and Amazing Cakes but watching them make it makes me not want to eat it.  I like my food to look a little less like art and a little more like food.  All that to say while I was baking for Thanksgiving, I decided to play with a display option for an event I'm doing next week.  I went to Michael's earlier this week and lost my damn mind picked up a few things.  I wanted to either do a cupcake bouquet or cupcake martini. I bought the glass, a round styrofoam block and some confetti string.
I taped (double-sided) the block inside the glass and spread the red and white string.
I stuck 2 toothipicks in the styrofoam for each cupcake and slid them on one by one.
I cut the leaves off these decorations.
Placed the leaves in an alternate pattern.

Frosted them with the small star tip (Wilton)
All done! Pretty classy if I do say so myself;)


  1. The Red Velvet Cupcakes were a Big hit on ThanksGiving! Thank you so much! Will be ordering again for X-Mas :)

  2. Thanks so much! I'm glad to hear they were a hit!

  3. Great job with this. It's so pretty and unusual. p.s. I also lose my damn mind at Michael's .