Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brown Sugar Oatmeal Raisin Bread

I haven't posted in a long time for a few reasons. One, I was busy with school and second, because I had made some of the same things. Didn't want to be redundant in my posts. It's like posting pics of yourself on FB with the same outfit over and over again *thumbs downs* lol!  I love making bread but it can be so time consuming.  This is a recipe I've wanted to make for a while. I had to modify quite a bit in terms of the amount of flour and I also reduced the sugar. When I first followed the recipe exactly, the dough was extremely wet and sticky.  I ended up adding about another 3 cups in order for the dough to be pliable. Thankfully I'd made bread before and knew that the dough just didn't look and feel right.  Once I had the right amount of flour, the rest was pretty simple.  For me, letting the dough rise is the most time consuming part, followed by the cleanup. Other than that having my KitchenAid makes breadmaking fairly easy.  I only got a couple of pics but hopefully soon my photographer friend will be taking more professional looking pics for me:)