Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cookies n Cream Truffles

I've been wanting to experiment with truffles for some time.  I'm a fan of any bite-sized desserts.   I made the batter and frosting from this post from scratch.  I got great feedback from these and will definitely be adding this to my "list."
Baked the batter in 2 8 inch pans

Let cool completely. Then break into small crumb-like pieces using pastry blender.

Mixed in frosting then scooped out using small ice cream scoop.

Shaped into balls.

Refrigerated for 15 minutes.

Used Candy Melts from Michael's and melted using double boiler method. ** I won't be using these again because they're a little too sweet and contain artificial ingredients.

 Dipped cake balls into melted Candy Melts. Allowed to cool on wax paper.

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