Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dulce de Leche "Love" Cake

Being that I have such a sweet tooth, I like most desserts. My top favorite flavors are definitely chocolate, vanilla, caramel, coconut and strawberry.  I think most people like caramel and I love the versatility of it.  I actually saved some of the leftover to add to my hot cocoa and and lattes:)  I made this Dulce de Leche cake using a combination and modification of Williams-Sonoma and Toba Garrett's yellow cake.  After much experimenting I find that yellow/vanilla just doesn't taste as good and moist if you don't use at least 4 eggs and buttermilk. Toba's recipe actually calls for 5.  For the caramel, I boiled 1 cup of sugar and a 1/4 cup of water until it turned amber (no stirring).  Then, I added a cup of heavy cream and stirred constantly with a wooden spoon.  Once the cakes were completely cooled, I spread a thick layer in between the layers.
For the frosting, I made my favorite- Swiss Meringue Buttercream.  I reduced the amount of granulated sugar by almost 1/4 cup and instead beat in 2 tablespoons of the caramel.  I LOVE Swiss Meringue because it's so light and fluffy and not too sweet. I frosted the cake and drizzled lukewarm caramel over it. Piped on a heart in honor of Valentine's Day.  I got amazing feedback about this cake and look forward to making it again.  

Happy Valentine's Day:)


  1. what a gorgeous cake! I love the flavor.

  2. Looks delicious. Do you have a pic of a slice?

  3. No. I didn't get to take a pic of the inside. This was for a church meeting. I'm making another one so I'll see if I can get a pic of a slice this time. It's like a Dominican cake if you've ever had 1.