Monday, October 3, 2011

Caramel Birthday Cake

I lost my baking mojo for a little bit but I finally got it back! My mom asked me to make a birthday cake for her friend so I went with something simple that I thought most people would like- a yellow cake which I made using buttermilk and 4 eggs. Then I made a caramel sauce for the center layer.
Lastly, I made Swiss Meringue Buttercream to frost it and piped on shells in green. Unfortunately my camera was M.I.A for a while so I had to be creative and use my web cam. I didn't realize the writing would show up backwards :-( but the cake said "Joyeux Anniversaire."  My mom's friends and guests loved the cake and the next day I went over for my piece and was very pleased. I love Meringue frosting! It's so much lighter, fluffier than regular buttercream. it reminds me of whipped cream. Thank God for the MOJO:)


  1. who knew simply could be so beautiful and it sounds Delicious I wish could have had a piece.

    love you

  2. Hey Moe!!! Thanks for stopping by love:) I like simple desserts and I'm not a fan of fondant covered cake. I want to be able to eat the whole cake and not have to peel anything off.